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Truth Revealed by Ajarn Patana.

A translation of Ajarn Patana’s teachings, and revealing the spiritual truth. Learn these and anyone can shift out of their negative experiences. Almost instantly!

During a Q&A session with Master Patana, he has shared his wisdom and insights with all followers. 

As told by Master Patana:
It is very important to understand and know the truth, learn this wisdom and you will know how to change your destiny. If all of you want to change your destiny, please stay focus and listen to this, everyone needs to know the truth and the process in order to change.

Everyone experiences death each night during the process of sleep. Sleep is the same process of how death happens, and we awake again in a new timeline. And what we see as the “physical world” is actually a made-up experience led by our past karma. It is just energy and not really something physical. We are led to believe that our physical reality is all real because our souls need such an experience to truly learn and purify for a higher purpose.

These experiences had to feel real and satisfy all senses to let us truly learn about our true self.

Just like in a dream, you thought your dream was real, the things in the dream were solid, you could taste, smell, touch, see and hear in your dream. So you thought it was all real until you are awake again. It would be the same when one dies and awake in another reality. It is the same process, but just a more profound level. 

Death is only a more profound process of sleep and wakefulness. Whenever you are awake, you awake into a different timeline. It is just like a dream, you always thought it was real, and you thought it was a continuation. These spiritual states are governed by 12 karmic dimensions. When you are awake, it is a rebirth.

The process of death is the same. When you die, you enter a “dream like state”, all emotions, fears, happiness, and all the deep-rooted karma will surface and be played back like a movie. You will experience immensely in that movie. And this process can last at least 49 days, and rebirth takes place. You are once again awake according to your past karma. (that’s rebirth) A spiritually attained person may be “awake” and fully conscious in that 49 days process and be able to choose how they should be reborn.

A person with absolutely no attachments to the past physical experiences will not experience a rebirth, and there will be full mindfulness and consciousness in that 49 days after death, there will be no more waking up again in the physical world because there are no more attachments to any physical materials or experiences. It becomes irrelevant to rebirth to the “physical world.”, so it will not happen.

For some, the death period could last up to many years because of the inability to become “awake” in the period of 49 days, they are immensely experiencing many forms of suffering caused by past karma, that experience will go on and on. (That is known as the experience of hell). However, most people will wake up again after 49 days in a brand new physical world. And that is why in Buddhist teachings, the fastest way to enlightenment is to detach all emotion feelings from the physical. And thus no fears and no attachments will follow after death, and one can be all fully conscious during death.

Your karma continues even during the entire process of death (49days), just like in a dream. You could make choices during the experience. And your choices will determine how you will be reborn. Some people who have revengeful thoughts during that 49 days death period, would rebirth to seek revenge on someone.

Some who owe a debt would rebirth to pay someone back. And some who experienced sufferings in the 49 days caused by their past bad karma may repent and re-birthed with medical ailments, or handicap.

Some would re-birthed with mental problems because of the extensive sufferings during the 49 days death process. They may experience being heavily punished and even experience passing out” within the experience, and re-birthed as someone with mental disabilities because of their desire to get relieved from the experiences of tortures.

They will re-birthed with a tortured mind, with mental disability. Usually, these people are also known as half in hell and half in the physical realm. Half of their experience is still stuck in the process of death, or may still experience tortures, and another part has re-birthed to experience physical reality. 

Our physical reality is not truly what we have understood. The “physical” experience is also merely a spiritual experience. And the spiritual experience is only a form of energy.

All physical experiences are only a state of mind created by 12 dimensions. Only with the completion of all 12 dimensions, one becomes a human. And it is love, compassion, kindness that completes a person.

That is why in Buddhism, we practice mindfulness towards everything so that when it comes to death, the alertness is there to recognize it and we will be able to make conscious choices during the death process within our consciousness. 

Death and rebirth is all a vicious cycle determined by our karma, created in all 12 dimensions. So, if you want to change your next awakeness in this reality, start changing your current karma and 12 dimensions. 

These 12 dimensions are deep-rooted past karma that surfaces as experiences in your life. And each of these dimensions will affect one another. 

One has to simply remember that our existence is to lead us to truly understand love, compassion, and detachments. Else, one will continue to experience the vicious cycle of rebirth.

Your actions (karma) are energy, and it affects your dimensions, thus changing your destiny. And always remember that ALL EXPERIENCES REFLECTS YOUR KARMA. You were the person who actually created these experiences. It is ALL WITHIN YOURSELF and WITHIN YOUR OWN 12 DIMENSIONS. Look within, make the change within.

Understand these, and you will know not to blame others for your misfortunes in life. Instead, learn to accept and own these errors and embrace them with love. 

Simply understand these teachings of the truth, practice this simple method you will be able to change your dimension. And you will find yourself awake in a new experience of reality. 

Treat your enemies with love, because their presence was created by yourself in your past karma (12 dimensions). That deep-rooted karma was created by you and no one else that leads you to experience your enemies. So stop blaming, so you stop to intensify.

Once any karmic lessons are truly and deeply accepted (non-hypocritical way), that lesson will be over and never to happen again. Your new paths of experience will be opened and new experiences will occur.

A person who does good things hypocritically will surely experience the same karma happening again and again. Any forms of rituals will never them, these people will need an extensive accumulation of karma, extensive lessons in order to force upon their repentance and true acceptance.  

Many people often felt that no one appreciates them and always felt that they have done so much, but friends and family members are not giving them what they deserve.

If you are a person who felt this way, it is time you look within yourself. We are nothing more than energy, our thoughts create energies that can affect the entire karmic system. If you felt no one appreciates you, it is certain that you do not have certain gratitude towards others too.

That thoughts within yourself will cause others to treat you the exact same way. You can hide your expressions, but you can never hide these energies. And these energies will manifest. If it is a true energy of appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and love, that energy would be felt and returned to you by 100 more times. ONLY IF THEY ARE TRUE AND NON-HYPOCRITICAL.  These energies are created in our 12 dimensions and create our experiences. 

People also are still sceptical if a ritual or prayers will work to help change one’s destiny. The answer is YES it can change dramatically ONLY IF one also changes from within. That means you have to intervene to purify. Master can help you purify the toxic water, but it will be useless if you continue to add toxic to it.

Because all experiences are energy and all are interconnected through different levels of dimensions. Certain problems are caused by an unforgiving spirit, or many unforgiving spirits (past life creditors). Their thoughts will create certain experiences in your dimension. So it is possible to make a change when these spirits are appeased, and some other forms of greater enlightened spirits can also be placed in your dimensions that give protection and guidance. 

Other than that, you can change at least 1 out of 12 dimensions on your own. And it is to first learn to accept these karmic lessons, embrace them with love, and also repent for certain wrongdoings. It has to be true from your heart and not hypocritically. Believe it or not, that karma will seize to happen forever.  

And always help with charities through genuine compassion. These build different forms of merits that get accumulated in your spiritual dimensions. 

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Learn the Truth, Change Your Luck

Truth Revealed by Ajarn Patana. A translation of Ajarn Patana’s teachings, and revealing the spiritual truth. Learn these and anyone can shift out of their negative experiences. Almost instantly!

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