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Karmic Law, Free-Will and Manifestations

A lesson from master:

Life is all magical, everything that we see, hear, touch, taste, smell in our experience were all derived through the karmic law; cause and effect.

Within the karmic law, there is no discrimination, and it is full of compassion.
It is intelligence of the universe. It works tirelessly with high precision and perfection to upkeep and to create harmony for the entire universe and all things living within it. It makes no mistakes.

All realities were expressed in accordance to the karmic law. Anything that we create consciously or unconsciously will be subjected to the algorithms of the karmic law.

Once energies are given to intensify a thought, feeling or an action, the functioning of the karmic law intensifies along with it and creates a cycle on the intensified expression.

We call it a “natural law”, because everyone and everything within the universe is govern by it and no one can go against it. Not even Buddha, Jesus, Allah or any saints could make amendments to the law. This law is the Ultimate God.
We cannot amend the law, but we can work in harmony with the law. (Working with the nature.)

Everything under it is the “children”, we are a birth and expression of this law. It is this law that creates everything, the intellect, the intelligence, and all physical and non-physical states of existences. It creates, and it continues to govern each area by its law. (Creation and Governing.)

This is the law that evolves all existences and consciousness.

For instance, the entire physical functioning of our body is govern by a set of the karmic law. There is no way you can amend the rules of how it functions that keep us alive. This law governs the functioning of our bodies. We can’t change its rules, but we can work along with the rules towards a healthier life. So, we consciously choose the healthier food to eat.

The body, mind and spirit are all governed by the karmic law. It creates and governs at all levels of the physical states, non-physical states and to all sub-atomic levels.

So, this law governs even the way we are thinking. However, most of us are unconscious that the rules are governing the way we think and react. We call this “the nature of minds”. The way we think is in accordance to a fixed set of the karmic rules.

How many of us could see the automated functioning of our own minds created by these rules?

All states of our emotions follow a rule, an algorithm or a “formula”. Are you aware of the rules and formulas that are “auto-piloting” your decisions?

The ability to see these automated functioning is a glimpse of awakening.

Even in our spiritual state, the rules apply.

The law governs the 3 states of mind, body and spirit.

Because of the inability to see these functions, we have assumed that life is all destined. It will be destined if we don’t see it or don’t want to practice towards seeing it.

Our realities are all based on the fruition of the karmic rules within the 3 states of our body, mind and spirit. Such fruition has no permanence, as it continues to be affected by the law of karma. Thus, all manifestations or fruitions are only momentary.

All manifestations or fruition are impermanent.

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The above illustration shows that we have a free-will to make a conscious choice – Only humans are capable of making a choice freely as we have now evolved to a conscious state, we become an individual through this evolution. All other living existences are still evolving unconsciously in accordance to the set rules of the karmic law. They have no choice on how they are evolving, only humans are given a choice as our consciousness has evolved to a conscious state.

Humans are the only existence who can make a conscious choice towards further evolution. – Enlightenment.

We have the free-will to choose how we want the end results to be and make a conscious choice at the beginning. However, most of us refused to make a conscious choice because we fear the anxiety of choice-making. We fear failures.

Thus, many of us fall back to become a slave under the influence of the natural law, or under the control of someone else. And such a choice leads us to become completely mechanical. And we thought life is destined.

Remember, life is no longer destined once you have birthed into a human body. It used to be destined before we evolved to this state of a modern man, our consciousness has evolved. And we are opened to free-will choice now.

What you want to manifest in your reality requires your ultimate conscious input. Be it a choice you make to your body, mind or spirit, it must be a conscious happening.

The karmic law is fixed, it won’t change. But we can choose what to place within the system and allow the rules to apply towards the manifestation.

“I want to change, but what are the steps to take now?”

It’s hard to make a choice when you do not know the rules of the karmic law. If you know the laws from inside out, you will know what choices to begin with. Right?

Thus, spiritual practice is the only way for you to find out the rules. You have to experience them in order to truly know them.

We call it a practice for a reason. You don’t just read these teachings without putting them to a real test within yourself. It will be useless if it only stays at the intellectual level. When you read about something, it only stays at the intellectual level and it remains there forever superficially, it does not evolve, it only stays as a memory, it is dead.

It is the same as when you are listening to a song, you could sing the lyrics and follow the rhythm mechanically, or you can be fully aware of the lyrics and get emotionally involved. – You become the rhythm, you become the song; you become the music. And your singing evolved to a spiritual state.

Only until you put awareness into the words and practice, the very experience of your practice is spiritual.

The “Practice” we are emphasizing is “Awareness”. And that is all is needed to begin the inner journey. There is no other choices to be made, all you need to practice is to give awareness. Awareness to your inner self is the only practice you need.

Turning Intellectual process>>into Spiritual process.

The laws are all within yourself, because you were created by the laws and still governed by it. However, your consciousness is no longer governed by the law.

The law governs only the processes within your mind, body and spirit. It does not govern your consciousness.

It is from your consciousness, free-will is possible. So, raising your consciousness is of the utmost importance if you want to design your destiny consciously.

We have two main paths which we can choose as a human now. We can either fall back to the animal state of consciousness which is allowing nature to take its course completely, allowing the karmic law or others to manipulate our choices OR we can choose to further evolve up till the level where even both rebirth and death can become a conscious choice. It is an individual choice.

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