Inspiring Books by Haemin Sunim


Recently I came across these two beautiful books at Times bookshop. I brought these two books by a Korean Buddhist monk Haemin Sunim. I like that these two books are filled with inspiring Buddha’s teaching with beautiful illustrations. 

I would like to share some inspiring quotes by Haemin Sunim from the book, The Things You Can See When You Slow Down.

How can you tell if someone is truly enlightened?

Shower him with both praise and criticism. 

If he shows signs of being susceptible to either,

then it means he has forgotten his enlightened nature. 

Life is like a theatre. You are assigned a role. If you don’t like the role, keep in mind that you have the power to re-create the role you want. 

Stop worrying about what others think and just do what your heart wishes. Do not crowd your mind with ‘what ifs”. Uncomplicate your life and own up to your desires. Only when you are happy can you help to make the world a happier place.

Live your life not to satisfy others, but to fulfil what your heart desires. 



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