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IMPORTANT READ: Your Outer World Reflects Your Inner World.

Have you noticed that we are always in-sync with the function and nature of the entire universe?

Both the human body and the planet Earth have great similarities.  Our body have several connected systems that support life. The respiratory, digestive, reproductive, musculoskeletal, nervous system which is similar to  Earth’s reliance on the balance of its air, water, land, and life systems. The living organisms that supports lives on earth are also similar to the bacteria that keeps our body healthy. And most of the elements found on earth are also found in our body.

Both mentally and physically healthy women’s menstrual period will be in-sync with the moon phases.

Whatever happens to the earth could happen to all of us living on it. The entire universe and all living organisms are interdependent on one another. We affect one another and we reflect one another.

Your inner world reflects and get expressed in your outer world, and vice versa, your outer world tells you all about your deep inner world. Are you sensitive enough to notice that we are one?

The truth is, whatever is happening within your deepest inner world will be expressed in your outer world. It is a natural law, a karmic law but 99% of the people were unconscious of it.

We often fear for our own lives and thus has rejected an idea like this.

By our nature, we only believe things and experiences that stimulate our senses. However, due to the limited ability of our physical senses, we do not trust the functions within the spiritual space.

Remember this, only your birth was destined based on your past life’s imprints. The accumulation of the imprints on the consciousness created you and all situations only at the moment of your birth were all based on the imprints. However, these imprints do not determine a destined life in the future. It determines only at birth, not the future.

Just like manufacturing of a car for example, The looks, power, and all features of the car will be manufactured based on the given blueprint. (The birth) It is destined how the car will look and function based on the blueprint. However, the purpose of the car and where it will travel to will require a conscious input.

Life is in the same way. You can change everything the way you desire.

Your inner world is all about your deepest feelings, it is the spiritual state which cannot be determined by any of your senses. Hence, many people do not consciously know about their true inner self and desires. This area often stay unconscious and thus life was seem like it was all destined.

The expression of the outer world is 100% in accordance to the imprints in your inner spiritual consciousness.

Whatever you input in your spiritual state, will surely be expressed in your outer, physical world.

If your inner world is filled with true love, events of love and compassion will be expressed in your physical world.

And it is time to be completely aware of your true inner thoughts if your life experiences were full of anger, sufferings and unfortunate events. Simply because the inside will be expressed on the outside.

Thus spiritual practice is essential to completely change your life’s experiences.

The interdependency:
If you know how to take care of the external lives in the nature, the nature will in-turn take care of you in another way.

The society right now has conditioned people to become unconsciously hypocritical. It was an unconscious state. First understand that there is nothing wrong about the hypocrite state that exists in yourself and everyone around you. There are varying degree in every person. It was an unconscious mental conditioning. It was really not one’s choice to be a hypocrite. It’s true.

A hypocrite simply means that a person acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.

Even forcing a person towards practicing a virtue could result in unconsciously developing a hypocritical state.

It was all caused by the nature of our minds; the susceptibility nature of mental conditioning.

It’s not one’s fault to be hypocrite, its not one’s fault to become angry or violent too. It was all due to the nature functioning of our minds; the susceptibility. It is usually out of fear that our acts have contradicted with our true feelings. There is nothing wrong, but we have to be aware.

So, it is very important to stay aware and be all conscious about such state of mind within ourselves first. By recognizing this, and totally aware of it, such functioning will cease immediately. There is nothing much to do here, simply be aware and be true to yourself and the functioning will stop eventually.

Once the hypocritical state stops functioning, what you speak, your actions and thoughts will all be in-sync and true to your inner feelings, your inner world. And this is where the magic begins.

By understanding this, you would now understand why quality of merits is far more important than the quantity of merits.

Once you understand and practice towards awareness of the hypocritical state, your quality of merits will shift tremendously, and the result that would be expressed in your outer world will change tremendously too.

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