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Important read: About Love, How to Love?

Everyone can contribute to a more conscious humanity. It is only via the sharing of love and compassion we can make the world a better place. 

Love needs no intellect, it needs no education; it exists in all of us in silence, but we have refused to use it as the driving force of our lives. 

Most of us have forgotten what love is.

All we need to do is to go back to where it all begun. As a child, we all knew about love. Love was the driving force of how we used to live as a child. The smiles and joy were in the purest form, and without conditions we shared it with everyone that came around us. We knew deep inside of us that joy was built upon sharing our joy with others; we were filled with love. We have an abundance of love within us since birth, and always ready to be shared with others. 

But most of us have forgotten it. Now we fear sharing because of a twisted idea of love, the society has twisted it. The unconscious ones have twisted our ideas. We no longer dare to share the love, we fought with each other and forcing upon one another for the love. It became a war, true love was buried deeper within to prevent someone from stealing it. We disguised something else as love now; we use the disguise as a lure for others to give us their love.  

We became arithmetic about love; we want others to serve us; we want others to give us love, but refuse to reciprocate with more love. We want to receive more than we could give, and it deprives the world of love. We deprived each other of love now; it turns us into hypocrites now, which we are totally unconscious of. 

As an adult now, our ideas of love became so twisted. We could only associate material possessions with love. Love became the currency of all transactions in the world. We have reduced love to a thing unconsciously. Because we reduced it to a “thing”, we have indirectly reduced every person, every relationship and even ourselves to a “thing”.

People no longer use love as the driving force of life. Materials possessions and monetary gains have replaced love unconsciously.

It became a norm now that the world is functioning this way. We became a thing with one another; we create deals with one another. Consciously or unconsciously we associated love with conditions. We have unconsciously reduced ourselves to a thing when we reduced others to a thing.

Because of this twisted idea, we fear sharing love with others. Because of how we have disguised ourselves as loving, we fear others would cheat us the same way, and we continue on acting this way.

Out of fear, the world taught people to love, but unconsciously hypocritically.

​​​​​​​It wasn’t really our wrong. It was the nature of the susceptibility of our minds. We only have to try seeing beyond it. 

They taught us to identify what love is; they taught us to identify what kindness is; They taught us how to identify all the virtues. And the very attempt to teach about virtues has made us discriminate. We have to compare, judge and discriminate someone to learn about virtues. Someone has to be discriminated or even humiliated in the process. That very attempt became “non virtuous” in everyway. Did we all see that? It was an unconscious thought process. And we instill it in our children and into the entire society.

We have discriminated unconsciously.
We started hating one another because they taught us to discriminate. We became fearful too because we fear of others’ judgement if we fail to possess these virtues at anytime.

We fear for ourselves and for our children, so we forced them to act virtuously. And we disguise ourselves at all times; we became dishonest with ourselves and with our children to avoid being seemed as imperfect; we get violent when someone judge us to be “non virtuous”.

We have unconsciously done it to our children; we have done it to our parents and every of our loved ones. It was unconscious.

It strengthens the ego and makes anyone less intelligent.

It all started with an attempt to teach virtues.

Virtues are not to be taught intellectually. It is to be experienced, because it is spirituality. It is an inner experience.

It became “non virtuous” once it is intellectual.

So, how to teach someone or a child to be good?

There is nothing to teach, simply give love and affection. It must be true love and affection. True love means without conditions. Love becomes untrue once it is attached with a condition.

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