How the EC Sangha made a fantastic Xmas 2019


There is a lot to organise for an event like Christmas at the EC.

Usually we don’t talk so so much about our hidden heroes. But for Christmas and the time between the years we had special conditions because most of the residents had gone away on holiday. A great team formed during the weeks before and shared everything that had to be organised for these special days.

For the Xmas evening ten friends took the responsibility to fill all the hungry stomachs with a wonderful, traditional Bavarian Xmas dinner. Other friends decorated the Pub. With good Rock n Roll music playing, several friends were encouraged to clean and organize the space. Furniture was moved from side to side, tables, chairs… even the Xmas tree previously decorated by the children of the Sangha. Lights, elegant tablecloths and flower arrangements for the tables made the decoration complete.

Finally, 42 friends of all ages and nationalities sat down to share the Xmas dish together – everybody saying some meaningful toasts with glasses of orange or grape juice in their hands. What a memorable evening!

As always, the most significant moment of the night was in the Big Gompa, where we were dedicating all joy and fun to the golden Buddha and all beings. A XVI Karmapa meditation in a full EC gompa followed.

After meditation, a talented lady, who had been cooking all afternoon, played piano for the singing friends around. Everyone was encouraged to sing the jingles twice. Friends filled the table for presents with beautiful, funny, delicious, precious and completely useless things. The funniest part was, that everyone had to praise their present to the skies.
It was almost midnight when the party began. With the hidden talents of the most serious DJ in the house, adults and children danced under the Xmas lights to the sound of Rock.

After a good time on the dance floor, happy and exhausted friends started to disperse in different directions. Some went to the Gompa, some to the Stupa, others directly to bed… and that was how Christmas day and night were shared in EC.

May we experience many nights like this with more friends, with more children and with Lama Ole in our hearts.



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