Heart Sutra and Buddhism : The Heart Sutra – Lecture 1


When I started this Heart Sutra blog, I was wondering how many posts I could add to the Heart Sutra as it is the shortest sutra with 260 Chinese characters with the version translated by Master Xuanzang 1400 years ago during the prosperous Tang Dynasty in China. 

I was so wrong. Even though it is the shortest sutra with only 260 Chinese characters, it has deep and profound meaning. However as one understands the Heart Sutra, one has less worries and just enjoy the moment. One learns to let go and not be too attached to results like gain or loss. Just try your best. 

One must learn to control one own’s senses. Many people experience suffering as they let their senses control them. For example when someone see something beautiful with their eyes, they want to own it and they feel miserable when they can’t. Sometimes I was wondering if the person own the thing or the thing own them. For example, long after the person passed on, the gold or jewellery still exist. 

Recently, I came across the video on the Heart Sutra lecture by Venerable Guan Cheng from International Buddhist Temple in Canada. There are a total of 28 lectures on the Heart Sutra. Below is Lecture 1 of the Heart Sutra on the explanation of the history and meaning of the Heart Sutra. 


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