Heart Sutra and Buddhism : Diamond Sutra 2


I try to translate meaningful part of this drama on the life of the 6th Patriarch of Chan, the Venerable Huineng as I find that it is helpful. I am less affected by external circumstances, things beyond my control after reading these sutras. 

Please highlight to me if there is error in translating. 

Venerable Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarchof Chan (February 27, 638 – August 28, 713)was said to attain awakening when he heard a verse from the Diamond Sutra 应无所住而生其心Without abiding anything, give rise to the pure mind. 


When the Fifth Patriarch of Chan Venerable Hong Ren explained to him the Diamond sutra. Venerable Hui Neng was “suddenly and completely enlightened, and he understood that all things exist in self-nature.


应无所住而生其心,Without abiding anything, give rise to the pure mind 

云何应住,云何降伏其心 When does the cloud abide, how does the cloud calm the mind

佛说应无所住而生其心Buddha said without abiding in forms, arises the mind

即是心即是佛,佛即是心 Meaning Pure Mind is Buddha and Buddha is Pure Mind. 

他做了一首偈子Venerable Huineng came up with the following stanza when he understood the verse. 

何其自性本自清净!What is self, it is intrinsically pure

何其自性本不生灭!What is self, it is neither born nor extinguish 

何其自性本自具足!What is self, it is self-sufficient

何其自性能生万法!What is self, it can produces immeasurable dharma/ideas


From the Diamond Sutra

Subhuti, all great bodhisattvas should give rise to purity of mind in this way: they should not give rise to a mind that abides in form; they should not give rise to a mind that abides in sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharmas. They should give rise to a mind that does not abide in anything. 

Subhuti, a bodhisattva should turn away from all notions, and initiate the mind of anuttara samyaksambodhi. He should not give rise to a mind abiding in form, and he should not give rise to a mind abiding in sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharmas. He should give rise to a mind that does not abide in anything. 

When we contemplate the following verses from the Diamond Sutra, your mind should not be affected by forms which are transient, dependent on causes and conditions. 


“All conditioned phenomena
Are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, and shadows, Like dew and lightning.
One should contemplate them in this way. “

All phenomena appear in the world is a combination of causes and conditions that is temporary by nature. It will pass. There is no permanent nature to form which is subjected to change due to causes and conditions, thus it is illusory. 

A lot of suffering comes from the mind which is influenced by forms like sight, hearing, touch, taste or perception. When someone criticised us, we get upset, when someone own something we don’t have, we want it. We are always influenced by the three poison, greed, anger and delusion. 

From the book, Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing by Dr Brian Weiss, “ Chinese philosopher Hui-neng (6thpatriarch of Chan Buddhism/Zen) wrote, “When we are free from attachment to all outer objects, the mind will be in peace. Our essence of mind is intrinsically pure, and the reason why we are perturbed is because we allow ourselves to be carried by the circumstances we are in. He who is able to keep his mind unperturbed (calm), irrespective of circumstances has attained enlightenment. “ 


A woman who went through a near-death experience shared,” I realized that life is like a dream”. She wrote, “ When you are born, you wake up into mortality in this physical body. When your physical body dies, you return to immortality.” 


I realised what is 无我 no-self as our consciousness or mind changes identity in various body forms in our many reincarnations. Thus there is no permanent seself-identity. Do not cling to anger and just let go.

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