Happy Vesak Day! Buddha’s Enlightenment


Happy Vesak Day! Tomorrow Buddhists around the world will commemorate the birth, enlightenment and Parinirvana of Gautama Buddha. I will stay at home meditating and listen to Dharma talks by Ajahn Keng and Master Sheng Yen to remember and reflect on Buddha’s teaching.

We are indeed lucky to be able to still learn the teaching of Buddha even though

Buddha has entered parinirvana 2500 years ago. Remember 戒定慧 Precepts, Meditation 

and Wisdom, the Noble Eightfold path to the path of awakening, Buddha told his

disciples before parinirvana. 

Below is a video on the night that Buddha who sat under the Bodhi tree became


After victory over Mara, the Bodhisattva mind was firm, focused and concentrated. At dusk, the Bodhisattva began to develop meditative insight attaining to the first knowledge: The ability to recollect his past lives.

In the silence of the late night, he attained the second knowledge; Knowledge of the passing away and rebirth of beings according to the results of their actions.

Close to dawn, the Bodhisattva attained to the third knowledge; knowledge of the destruction of mental defilements, complete liberation and freedom from suffering. He thus came to be known as the fully self awakened Buddha. 

” Craving with you I’ve been born again and again. But now you are revealed and your power redundant.”

From Thus Have I Heard 


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