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I load a box like this every single day. If you have a little, give what you can. If you have a lot, give more. Never forget compassion. There’s always something you can do to help.

Some people tell me they can’t do anything because they are poor. I pose the question, how did you get that way? I was born poor. I know hunger. As a baby I was hungry. Now I am not. Because I took care of everyone around me. And if I eat, the hunger goes away. But in a strange way. It doesn’t just drop away. It falters. Because the causes are not there for it. It’s not strong enough to change that. And I still feed others. Always. That is my dedication.

What is yours? True love? I laugh at that. What a ridiculous idea! People love yeah. But we make such romance about it. And we use it to shape ourselves. It is actually all just conceptualization.

I have several people I would like to send this to. But they would probably arrest me.

I love this world. Stay clean. Stay pure. And benefit beings!


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