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Astral Chart: September 2023

sepAstral Chart: September 2023An Astral Calendar for September

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As we transition from the fervor of a demanding summer, our souls come to a momentary pause. The tranquil energies of September beckon us, much like a hermit withdrawing to a secluded cave for profound introspection. With the arrival of this month, one can’t help but ponder the Thai astrological wisdom that reverberates through the whispers of ancient scrolls and the teachings of revered spiritualists, such as Master Patana, who have long explored the mysteries of celestial influences and spiritual energies.

It is said in Thai mysticism that Mercury Retrograde is imbued with Yin energies, making it a fertile time for spirits from the underworld to seek their karmic settlements. It’s a month susceptible to financial or emotional losses; hence, merit-making, elevating one’s spiritual vibrations, and introspection hold an elevated importance.

The celestial stage now features planets as actors, in roles choreographed by the universal energies. It’s much like the Thai concept of the “Chakri,” or cycles, where each planetary movement signifies an aspect of human life. To resonate with these shifts, you’re invited to take decisive actions and deeply ponder your inner belief system, akin to the underlying philosophies of “Satsana Phi,” or Thai spirit worship, which encourages a harmonious life philosophy.

The onset of Libra season, akin to the Thai notion of cosmic balance represented by the “Yantra,” or sacred geometric designs, calls upon us to find internal equilibrium. Here, the diminishing Sun serves as a symbolic representation of the delicate equipoise between light and shadow.

Thai ancient astrology doesn’t just note planetary movements; it reads the energy of colors, much like the vibrant golden crimson that dominates the skies this September. This chromatic spectacle offers a nonverbal mantra, murmuring to the very crux of our souls that transformation is within our reach.

As we ponder upon this month’s celestial events, let’s recast them within the framework of Thai mysticism:

  • Venus Direct in Leo (3rd Sept): The Sun God in Thai folklore, wields his influence when Venus moves direct in Leo. This transition amplifies our individual passions, offering an exuberant renewal of our emotional and relational spheres.

  • Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus (4th Sept): The movement of “Phra Narai” (the Thai name for Jupiter) asks us to recalibrate our values. Imagine you’re in a Thai temple, assessing your life’s merits and demerits inscribed on golden leaves.

  • Mercury Cazimi in Virgo (6th Sept): This rare alignment could be compared to the sharpened mental focus one achieves while in deep meditation, a practice Master Patana often emphasizes for self-discovery and understanding the energies that govern us.

  • New Moon in Virgo (14th Sept): This moon phase beckons us to embrace the meticulousness attributed to Buddhist monks, who follow rigorous routines with a remarkable eye for detail.

  • Mercury Direct (15th Sept) : Mercury, or “Budha,” per Thai astrology, encourages us to clear the cobwebs from our thoughts, as if undergoing a spiritual cleansing ritual to remove impurities.

  • Venus-Jupiter Square (17th Sept) : This cosmic tension parallels a spiritual dilemma often explored by Master Patana: the perpetual struggle between worldly desires and spiritual aspirations.

  • Sun-Neptune Opposition (19th Sept) : Imagine the Sun as the Buddha, the embodiment of wisdom, and Neptune as the “Naga,” a mystical serpent from Thai folklore representing illusion. The struggle between these two energies invites a balanced view of life, which is as practical as it is dreamy.

  • Libra Season & Fall Equinox (23rd Sept) : In Thai cosmology, balance is the fulcrum upon which the universe pivots. Libra season synergizes with the equinox to open a portal of spiritual realignment, reminding us of the need for both worldly involvements and spiritual retreats.

  • Venus & Uranus Clash During a Full Moon in Aries (29th Sept) : The culmination of energies parallels a crescendo in a Thai classical music performance. Both erratic and electrifying, it prompts us to honor the yin and yang within us, as Master Patana often advises his disciples.

We find ourselves standing at the crossroads of cosmic interplay and earthly existence, encapsulated in a month full of profound celestial movements and spiritual conundrums. Under the tutelage of wise sages like Master Patana and the guiding stars of Thai astrology, navigating this complex terrain becomes an illuminating quest for spiritual balance and self-discovery.


Auspicious/Inauspicious Days:

The aforementioned advice is rooted in the intricate interplay between celestial bodies. Their gravitational pull and alignments wield a subtle yet significant impact on our decision-making, emotional states, and even physiological functions.

Optimal Auspicious Days: 16th and 23rd.
Other Auspicious Days: 10th, 13th, 16th, 21st, 24th, 26th. 
Should you be contemplating launching a new business, embarking on a job interview, relocating, constructing a home, or entering into contractual agreements, these are your go-to days. The 16th stands out as exceptionally beneficial for marital unions and nurturing social bonds.

Destruction Days: 4th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 27th, 29th.
Death Days: 11th, 25th.
On these less favorable days, it would be prudent to abstain from making pivotal decisions or investing in high-value items. Business undertakings should also be postponed or avoided.

Avoid Surgeries on 15th Sept especially and all dates in red.

Concerning Surgical Procedures: The 15th of September, along with all other designated red dates, should be avoided for surgeries. Optimal Days for Surgeries: The 10th of September is conducive to surgical operations. Other Suitable Days: Opt for any day between the 1st and the 14th, but be mindful of avoiding the red-flagged dates.

Critical Note: If a surgical procedure is of pressing importance, do not delay. For more nuanced guidance, feel free to email us. Different lunar phases exert varying effects on specific organs, thus rendering some days less than ideal for particular surgeries.




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