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“Donation” and “Charity” is a humiliation.

All of us were asked to come forward to listen to his words.

“We do not donate, and no one should ever donate. We do not want any one to accept our assistance out of donation too. No we don’t. Everyone must know this.” Said master.

We were all perplexed at that moment and asked, why? What do you really mean by that? Are we not going to donate to help others anymore?

Master replied. “Do you donate to your children? Do you donate to your parents? Do you donate to your loved ones? Were these out of charity? Or was it out of love and gratitude? You give, you do not donate. Be aware of the words when you are translating my teachings, or you will keep people unconscious. The right words create the right thoughts and the right energies. Be very aware and do not just assume my words.”

If due to limitation of a language, certain words have to be elaborated for one to deeply understand the true meanings, or it will lead one astray. Said master.

No one in this world would donate out of 100% compassion if he thinks is a donation. Never be there a 100% of love and compassion if it is a donation. It was linked to a condition somewhere deep inside and it is unconscious.

Another follower asked master:
“I donated without any expectation of any returns or conditions. I know they need help as they are poor. How can this not be 100% compassion?”

Master further elaborates as follow:
Are you as compassionate towards the rich? The rich who may need spiritual support too. But was the compassion the same? When we give, we do not just mechanically attach to material giving. We give with a sense of love and understanding. If you cannot see things equally, then your actions must be linked with a condition. You probably have fulfilled your ego by helping the poor people. Fulfilment of your ego was the condition. Hence it is not 100%.

The moment you think it is a donation, you have just humiliated someone. There is often a tincture of a humiliation somehow. When you know the difference between the fine lines, the quality of your giving change tremendously. The energy within changed 360 degree.

Don’t always think that the world would stop moving without you. Don’t keep thinking that someone is now indebted to you because you have helped. You have gained something at the same time if you searched deeper within yourself.

If sharing with others makes you happy at the moment of giving, that moment of joy was what you have gained! No one is indebted, and do not seek or expect a repayment from others. Gratitude is to be given and not asked.

The word “Donate” or “Charity” needs to be well elaborated. The society has exploited these words. They are ego fulfilling, and no one has ever addressed it before. These words looks clean and positive outside, but almost always you will find dirty spots within. When it is ego fulfilling, it is humiliating.

The question here is, can we give and share without humiliation and without any condition?

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