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Defining Responsibility

What is responsibility?

In many teachings of different religions and philosophies, people were taught to be responsible to everyone else except for themselves. In almost all the literature on teaching moral values, they were teaching “moral duties” or “Moral obligations”.

They taught us that responsibility for others is our duties.

First, we have to understand that it is not our duty to be responsible for anyone else in our lives except for our own. And we must understand that no one is responsible for our lives too, except for ourselves. Everyone must understand this.

The love and compassion within ourselves and others disappears immediately when it becomes a “duty”.

Is it out of love or duty you love your child, parents or spouse? It needs to be well defined. That makes a whole world of differences when it comes to true humaneness and morality.

When it is a duty, it becomes unloving, untrue and uncompassionate. It becomes more like a business deal than a moral value.

People are now conditioned in such a way now, they are doing their “duties” in the family, as a parent, as a spouse and as the children. The school teachers and students are carrying out their specific “duties” respectively. Like a domino effect, the world functions this way now. There is no true morality deep inside. It is hypocritical when it is duties.

Children were taught from young that it is their responsibility and duty to complete a task when it is given to them by their parents or teachers. Thinking that it is all for their good and well-being that we have given them certain tasks and they have to be responsible for the tasks given. Little did we know that these teachings have driven the children to be unloving people as they grow up.

We should only be responsible for our own seeking. It is not our responsibility when a task which we did not ask for is given to us. Yes, we could do it out of respect or love, but not responsibility. So do not contaminate the minds in the wrong directions.

Self responsible. Responsible only for our own seeking. We should only be responsible for any circumstances that arise from our seeking.

Simply do not expect anyone to be responsible for any predicament you have put yourself into.

It is out of love you take care of your family, your children, your spouse or people around you. There is nothing to do with responsibility, or worst still “duty”.

When everyone in the world learns this and gets this well defined, we will become more conscious as human beings, and the world will become a more loving place.

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