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Colors of Nam Man Prai

Colors of nam man prai – 

If you notice, there are many different colors of nam man prai. However, the pure nam man prai is usually black in color or may have tint of yellow or dark red. Depending on how it was extracted. It should also smell like dead rat, you will never forget the smell once you smelt it.

Do be careful of many fake nam man prai in shops or online that says is 100% pure nam man prai. If it is 100% pure, you should be able to smell it.

Some nam man prai which are in other colors, especially bright green or yellow are usually mixed nam man prai. Mixed with other herbal to hide the smell.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have to find nam man prai that really works and not about how pure it is or the color of it. As said, many nam man prai won’t work because many master cannot even communicate with the spirit of the nam man prai – If they cannot communicate, the master will never know if the spirit is willing to help or not. Such oils will become useless, and you are simply bringing back a spirit to pray that doesn’t help you at all, and may bring bad luck to the family. 

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