You Don’t Know How to Love. This creates your miseries in life.

Two of the most impactful forces are the faculties of intellect and emotion. Both have their unique domains of influence. The intellect aids us in comprehending the mechanics of the universe, developing new technologies, and unraveling mysteries of existence. However, when it comes to the realm of genuine love, the intellect can inadvertently lead us […]

Your Unauthentic Living – You Are Only Living In Your Mind.

The mind. A beautiful tool, yet often our most relentless taskmaster. It makes calculations, it forecasts, it remembers. It’s busy. So busy, in fact, that it can drag us away from the present, from the simple yet profound act of being here, now. You live in the mind so much that the authentic living in […]

Profound Art of Listening Beyond Hearing

We will explore the profound, yet often unperceived, distinction between listening and hearing. Firstly, let’s create a foundation of understanding: hearing is a physiological process. It is the passive intake of auditory stimuli – the rustling of leaves, the humming of a city, the symphony of birds at dawn. Hearing is mechanical; it is our […]

When Compassion and Kindness Cause More Sufferings

Throughout our lives, we see compassion as a bright light, it emerges as a shining beacon, a quality we attribute to saints and sages, and rightfully so. Compassion, the ability to feel and alleviate another’s suffering, is one of the most noble of human traits. Yet, in its very nobility lies a subtle trap – […]

Death is not an end.

A river never worries about its end, because it knows that once it merges with the ocean, it becomes the ocean itself. It never fears the rocks and twists on its way because it knows they are mere lessons that help it shape its course. Similarly, death should not be seen as a terrifying end […]

Death and Rebirth – An Experience of Ajarn Patana

In my past life, the moment of death arrived as gently as the falling of autumn leaves. There was a sense of acceptance, a peaceful surrender to the inevitable transition. As the last breath left my body, my consciousness floated, untethered. All sensations faded away into a deep, tranquil silence. It was like entering a […]

What Truly Makes Us Humans?

Consider for a moment the uniqueness of the human experience. It is not defined merely by our biological form, for in that respect we share much in common with the animal kingdom. The blueprint of our DNA is remarkably similar to that of a chimpanzee, our closest evolutionary relative. Yet, despite this shared genetic heritage, […]

Risking All for Enlightenment

On this spiritual journey, we are not asked to forfeit our worldly comforts or tangible assets. It is not about relinquishing material possessions, but of the mental illusions we clutch so fiercely. We are called to shatter our narrow self-images, our bloated egos, our manufactured identities that perpetuate a sense of isolation from the grand […]

Be Wealthy and Enlightened

We are here to explore a path that doesn’t necessitate the renouncement of wealth, comfort, or possessions, but rather, advocates for their wholehearted embrace. However, while embracing them, it is equally critical to ensure that we do not become enslaved by them. Often, there is a misconception that in order to be enlightened, to be […]

Spiritual Journey Through Dreams

Absolutely, let’s delve deeper into this spiritual discourse: “Beloved ones, let us further explore this mystical journey, this voyage that transcends the physical and ventures into the astral. The realm of dreams, the realm of the soul. We are not merely physical beings, confined to the tangible world. We are spiritual entities, divine in nature, […]

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