A Sacred Space At Home – As a Spiritual Boosting Station for Manifestation.

The ancient temples of our ancestors, adorned with consecrated gemstones, were not merely places of worship. They were spiritual powerhouses, designed to harness and amplify the cosmic energies. These gemstones, each vibrating at unique frequencies, were carefully chosen and consecrated, creating a sacred symphony of energies that helped devotees connect with the divine, manifest their […]

The Spiritual Journey of the New Moon Day: A Time for Accumulation and Energy Work

The cyclical ebb and flow of celestial bodies have always been deeply linked with spirituality, affecting our daily lives, energies, and potential for personal growth. One such celestial event, the New Moon day, is considered a powerful period in spiritual practice, known for its capability to help us work on our lower chakras and amass […]

Fasting is Good. But, Do Not Fast Without Awareness and Sensitivity.

In today’s wellness-driven culture, fasting has taken on renewed importance as a health and spiritual tool. Many people turn to fasting as a means to cleanse their bodies, shed unwanted pounds, or develop greater mental clarity. It can indeed offer these benefits, yet, like many practices, it should not be undertaken without the necessary mindfulness […]

Celibacy: Directing Your Sexual Energies for Manifestations and Enlightenment

In a world increasingly obsessed with control, the imposition of celibacy has often been seen as a means of taming the human sexual impulse. But is forced celibacy truly the path towards self-control and spiritual growth? Or does it merely lead to sexual repression and a perverse mindset? To delve into these questions, it’s essential […]

The Secrets to Becoming Ultra Successful. Alchemy of the Heart. Metta Magic.

Success is a concept that has been interpreted in countless ways, but one interpretation that often goes overlooked is the role of spiritual energy. It’s a concept that might seem abstract, but it’s as real as the air we breathe. It’s all about how much spiritual energy you have at your disposal, the balance of […]

Idol Worship: A Bridge to the Formless

As I stand before the idol, I see more than just a statue. A conduit to the formless, to the divine. It is not the idol I worship, but the divine essence it embodies. I see the idol as a bridge, a pathway to the formless. There is a whole mystery to it. Many, however, […]

Creating a Private Sacred Space at Home

In an ever-evolving world, our homes have become more than just places to rest. They are the cradles of our dreams, the canvas for our creativity, and the sanctuaries that provide solace to our weary souls. In this spiritual discourse, we’ll explore how carving out a sacred space within your home can be an enriching […]

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