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Can Magic Rituals or Amulets Alone Change Everything Permanently?

Words from master:

The answer is a no, never could it be permanent. Self intervention towards spiritual practice is needed for a lifetime change.

Rituals or amulets can be a powerful support at the spiritual state within our 3 entities (Mind, Body, Spirit) because each area imprints onto one another.

Your thoughts can cause changes in both spirit and body, any changes in body can affect both mind and spirit and changes in the spirit can affect the mind and body. You get the point?

The 3 entities has to be aligned to cause a long-term real significant change.

If rituals or amulets could effect a total and permanent change, Buddha would have done long time ago. Everyone would have been awaken right away. There will be no more sufferings and fights. All three states need to be aligned and self intervention is required.

So, don’t believe anyone who told you that a ritual alone could change everything permanently.

It can help with making certain powerful short term changes when it is used alone, but never could it be a permanent one.

Don’t be fooled by anyone who told you that just by wearing an amulet could change your life positively forever.

Even black magic that are used to harm another person could only be in effect for only a period of time. Usually any form of rituals could last 3 months at max. Unless the rituals are done continuously on daily, monthly or 3 months basis. Only by doing so, it can lengthen the effect of a ritual meant for a person.

To make any effect permanent, one has to get into spiritual practice by chanting, meditation, increase spiritual knowledge, practice of right speech, thoughts and actions.

Aligning all 3 states of mind, body and spirit can cause the best significant changes. When one practices well, no negative forces or black magic of any kind could cause harm to the practitioner, any positive thoughts could also be easily manifested.

Hence, any rituals or amulets from master has to follow with certain practice of ritual, increasing spiritual knowledge and meditation.

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