Buddhist Mudras (Hand Gestures) and Their Significances

What is a mudra? A mudra is a Sanskrit word that suggests sign. You may have utilized a mudra in your yoga class. Or if you look at any images of the Buddha, he is constantly holding a mudra. On the shallow level, a mudra is frequently suggested as a hand gesture. Nevertheless, mudras have deeper spiritual significance. You could even state that your life, or your house, can be a mudra. It can be a symbol of great meaning.

Buddhist imagery can be utilized in the feng shui of your home as a spiritual pointer. The Buddha represents the capacity for true joy and goodness that is inherent within each human and every sentient being. If you wish to take it an action further, pick a deity to show in your house holding a particular mudra to boost your spiritual goal.

When it pertains to feng shui, Buddhist imagery is not a requirement. However, if it’s something that you’re attracted to, you read the right article! Images of any of the mudras (and even making the mudras) might be supportive for any location of your home. Here are some of typically utilized Buddhist mudras and their meanings.


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