Buddhism, Water And Sri Lanka



my spare time I write books and articles on topics that interest me or that I feel
need to be given more attention. Six months back I was asked to contribute an
essay for a book to be called Sri Lanka,
A Heritage of Water
.  The editor,
Sarala Fernando, felt that there should be at least one chapter on the role of  water in the religions of the country,  she asked me  if I’d write something on the subject, I gave
the idea some thought and decided to decline the offer. My thinking was that
water has no significance in Buddhism and I am not really qualified to say anything
on the subject as it might pertain to the other religions; Islam, Hinduism and
Christianity. But Sarala can be very persuasive. She asked me to reconsider, I did,
and  thinking about it a bit deeper
realized that water actually does have some part to play in the life of the
Buddha, in his Dhamma and certainly in Sri Lankan Buddhist culture and history.
And of course it has even more  significance
in Sri Lanka’s other religions, e.g. baptism,  wadu,
etc. To cut a  short  story shorter, I wrote the article and the
book is due to be released soon. Apart from my essay there are others on the
ancient irrigations works in Sri Lanka, on the various aquatic ecosystems in
the country, on water conservation, aquatic wildlife, etc.  For anyone who loves Sri Lanka or just nature,
the highlight of this publication is its stunningly beautiful photos by Luxshmanan
Nadaraja, the country’s finest wildlife photographer.  

Sri Lanka, A Heritage of Water
can be ordered by e-mail from wildlight@sltnet.lk
or by calling  011-2861738. Price
Rs.6,800. A special pre-publication price of Rs.4,900 will be given for all
orders taken before November 30th 2016.        


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