Buddha Can Go Nirvana- Interesting Talk by Ajahn Keng


like listening to Ajahn KengDharma talk as he shares his experiences and knowledge with humourThe room will be filled with laughter as we listen to his talkAjahn Keng is Singaporean monk ordained in Thailand as forest monk.


During the question and answer session after the talk (1:15:00)he shared that transference of merit is real

He shared that he was disturbed by pretas at night and he saw that some had no clothes or skinHe asked the village chief to gather their relatives and organize dedicating of merits to them. After the transference of meritsome pretas had skin when previously they had no skinThose with no clotheshad cloths


Someone asked Ajahn Keng if he heard of a type of meditation where the mind detaches from the body. He shared his own experience when his mind was out of the body when his life was in danger in the midst of war between the minorities and Burmese army many years ago. He shared that in the first situation, he was able to be out of the body whereas in another state, an hour later, he could not. He related his experience to karma and Maudgalyayana who died at the hands of hundreds of bandits. Maudgalyayana was one of Buddha’s chief disciples, foremost in psychic power.  

In his past life, Maudgalyayana had taken his old parents into the forest where he had beaten them to death and then claimed that they had been killed by bandits. The action of his past life affected the next life. After he paid back the debt, he patched up his body using his psychic power and paid respect to the Buddha.  

There are many more interesting sharing in this long video. 

I hope covid will end soon. Hopefully in the near future, I can attend 8 precepts and meditation retreat lead by Ajahn Keng in Singapore preferably during the school December holidays. I hope Ajahn Keng will be back to Singapore soon to conduct dhamma talk and meditation retreats.    

Phra Ajaan Keng Khemako was ordained on 29 July 1987, and he has been a monk for the past 31 years. He is currently the President of the Palelai Buddhist Temple, Abbot of Santi Forest Monastery in the Ulu Tiram, Johor, Malaysia and Abbot of Wat Pa Doi Cherontham in Om Koi, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ajahn Keng was conferred of the Ecclesiastical Title of Chao Khun on Phra Ajaan Keng Khemako Bhikkhu by H.M. the King of Thailand, in 2013.


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