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Becoming Wholesome and Complete

What does it all mean to be wholesome and complete as a being?

Most of the people do not know what is being truly wholesome.

To be whole and complete means, there is no longer a division or being lopsided in your thoughts and perception.

You cannot be truly wholesome when you are still divided within.

Meaning to say, you will function with wholesomeness only when you could truly understand that all occurrences were virtuous in both your perception and experience. When there is no more separation of polarities, no more good or evil, black or white, and you only function with oneness.

You simply function without a preference, you will know what is right to do without struggling to make a choice. It simply happens from within you.

Teachings and practice of morality makes one look wholesome only on the outside, but ugliness, hatred and darkness still prevail deep inside. As long as morality still stays and acted only at the intellectual level, it’s sure going to become a lopsided affair. Looking clean outside, but still dirty deep inside.

Morality, virtues and values were the by-products of true realization. They can never be instilled intellectually.

It is only when one sees the truth of the creation, all great virtues flower and blossom.

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