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Be Fearless To Stay True to Yourself!

Master Patana’s Teachings:

Stay aware of your inner self and be honest with yourself. The unconsciousness deepens and the spirit falls to the lower dimension when one is not honest with their own inner feelings and inner thoughts.

First it is to learn to be completely honest with yourself and then you will learn to be honest with others. A person who cannot be fully honest with himself can never be honest with others.

Recognize your inner being and be completely true to yourself. When you dislike something or someone, go ahead and dislike them and be all true to it. Do not act as if you love them on the outside when you are hating them inside. Don’t bury it, don’t act to be good when you really cannot do it.

It is ok to dislike certain things, it is ok to dislike or even hate certain people. It is perfectly ok, it is just a natural part of the human arithmetical response. It is a God’s creation too, it is the natural response of the “will to live” – It is an instinctive response.

Certain people simply make people sick and tired, their negativity and their presence could exhaust anyone close to them. But it has a lot to do with their merits and level of consciousness too.

But first, learn to say no when you are uncomfortable and be totally honest to yourself when you do not like to be around certain people. Don’t act as if you do when you don’t. It is better to stay away from things and people that you dislike first until you completely transcend the hatred.

It is unreligious, and unspiritual when you are not true to yourself.

This teaching is not encouraging hatred. This is about honesty with oneself first. Only then you can transcend any hatreds and raise consciousness towards higher spirituality.

You do not have to express it out to anyone about your hatred, but recognize those hatred that you have within yourself. Do not express in either way to anyone, and there is no need to explain to others why you hate or dislike certain people in your life. And don’t make yourself feel better by telling yourself all the reasons to hate your subject. There is no wrong to hate, so no explanations are needed.

1st part: Do not be a hypocrite in anything that we do. Stay true to ourselves. When we love, love completely be true to it and be full in it. When we hate, be complete too, don’t act as if you love but you are hating every moment of it.

2nd part: Recognizing that it wasn’t really you who hate, it was the ego that hates. That ego that identifies you, which was not really you. It was that ego that is hating. But the ego possessed you. Try to separate yourself with your ego self, and watch the ego self from a distance. Those anger and hatred were triggered by the expectations set by the ego self. Stay all aware to watch the ego possess you. Anything that is unconscious to you is a possession. The level of ego determines the level of consciousness. You would experience the first glimpse of awakening when you truly see the possession by the ego.

The ego is a false identity, a mental conditioning and a separate entity that lives inside of you.

Only by staying true to yourself, your ego will die off and the path to higher human potential and higher spirituality is opened to you.

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