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Art of Receiving

A man came to Master and asked, why am I so poor this life and why can’t I be as rich as another person? My life is suffering and no one is helping me. What is your advice? Asked the follower.

Master was in absolute silence for a moment and told this man.
Your birth was only a continuation of the past – Just like within a dream, your real deepest desires surfaced and you have experienced your dreams as if they were real. Everything feels real in your dream, but you have no control over it.

You did not even know your own deepest desires. That desire is deep inside you and you are never conscious about it. All your deep fears, calculations, hatred are hidden deep inside you.

And these surfaces in your dreams as a nightmare. Your true-self will only surface in your dreams – In real-life, you are the absolute opposite of your true-self. It is the nature of all minds. Always conflicting. It is the nature of the universe, said master.

Your ego kept hiding the truth of your nature and the dreams show you your true nature. People go on acting like a forgiving and loving person, but deep within are full of hatred and resentment. 

Wakefulness and sleep are very similar to birth and death. The process is entirely the same. At death, people will experience and see their true selves. Many people got upset and ashamed of their true selves when they saw the true ugly self during death, and with a desire to change, the person is reborn again.

Traces of the same old patterns of past life’s consciousness and behaviors will still follow after rebirth. It is all similar to sleep and wakefulness. During sleep, you have experienced your deepest desires and true self, but upon wakefulness, you have forgotten everything that happened in the dream. Rebirth and Death are the same. 

If you are still experiencing misfortunes, it is time to look into your true self. Because it is your true self, which is the deepest desires that have led you to your life’s experiences. 

The golden advice

Poverty in one’s life is always relative to the amount of merits a person has accumulated. And merits are simply the joy you have given or shared with others, said master. 

If there are no merits, there is no fortune. No higher spirits can advance anything good for you. 

Many masters often teach about the Art of Giving and Sharing. But today, I am going to teach you about the Art of Receiving. It is not often talked about, but it is as important or more important than the Art of Giving. 

To understand the Art of Receiving, you will understand all the gratefulness and gratitude. All these thoughts are merits. 

However, many people do not understand what is the Art of Receiving all about. And most people failed in life because they have failed to learn the Art of Receiving. 

First of all, there is a nature that works here for all of us when it comes to giving and receiving. It is a law of nature. A law of nature simply means the truth of life, and there is no way one could ever scrutinize it. 

More joy comes from giving. When you give, the reaction of the receiver gives you more joy if he is happy about receiving your gifts. The smile and appreciation from the receiver simply give joy to you, isn’t it? That is how more joy is created.

But what if the receiver of your gifts is discontented? Or unhappy about the gift you have given? That joy may be exhausted right out of you immediately. “How ungrateful of that person!” You might think. And that ungrateful person will be struck off from your favorite list of people. 

And that is the nature of all minds. There is nothing wrong with that mind, but be very conscious about its existence within yourself. This nature happens within our minds and also in all existences. 

The Art of Receiving – So you might think how ungrateful of that person who is not appreciative of your gifts. But have we ever asked ourselves, how grateful were we with our lives? Were you grateful for the air? For the sun that gives lives? How about the water? Start questioning yourself in which area are you still discontented that you do not know the gracious way to receive the gifts. 

The art of receiving is really as important as giving. It is 2 sides of the same coin. If one is not conscious enough about how to appreciate others or to the gifts of nature. Chances are that you will most likely be struck off from the list of recipients. It is not a psychological nature. It is a spiritual nature that happens the same way through all existences. 

When one receives anything – Even a smile, simply smile back. When you receive a gift, simply thank the sender and be truly appreciative and contented. 

Start by being more conscious about your contentment. If one does not learn this simple art of receiving, one can never receive more great fortunes in life. 

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