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Anger and Rage Reflects Intelligence.

A man of great wisdom and of the highest intelligence would not get angry. Not because he chose not to get angry and not because he could control his anger well.

It is because he is highly conscious and highly aware of how anger happens through a progression of different psychological states, he simply seize and disallowed the progression to the advanced state of anger or rage.

In the western ideas, psychologists were taught to deal with anger by teaching methods of anger management or via ways to control and to subdue anger. Such methods are repressive. If an emotional state of anger is suppressed and accumulated for a long period of time, it will advance to rage and violence.

The eastern ideas teach one to be aware of anger and understand the roots of all anger. Deal with the roots, and you will have absolutely no troubles.

A person who is short-tempered and often expresses his anger or letting go of the energies of anger could be less violent than one who suppresses it.

The Progression Towards Anger.

Anger is not a product by itself.
Like violence, it is a by-product of suppressed anger. Without anger, there would be no violence. With love, there will be no violence. So to deal with violence, you deal with the initial state of anger.

One leads to another – The Progression.

Unmet Expectations –> Anger
Ego State –> Anger

Anger is a state of psychosis, everyone in the world has a certain level of psychosis because of the stress coming from the societies’ expectations and demands.

Anger is only a by-product of an unmet expectation or often triggered from an ego state.

So without setting too high expectations in life, you would have less or no anger. You could have expectations in life, but be aware where it is leading you to when certain expectations are unmet. Don’t get possessed by your expectations of yourself or of others.

The ego state that leads to anger. Such anger exists only in the lower intelligence group of people. They may look highly intelligent on the outside, expressing themselves intelligently, and engaging in lots of logical analytical discussions, but their uncontrollable anger triggered by their ego states simply reflects their inner stupidity.

Simply because ego is a state of psychosis, it is a mental conditioning, a mass conditioning of the human race. It is as if one who does not know that he was in a dream, and all the characters within his own dreams were actually created by himself, the conversations in his dreams were created out of his own mind and the anger within a dream was also self created and self given. But there was no awareness and no realization. Ego state is in the same way, it happens in the wakeful state, but yet totally unaware.

For one who is unaware of the ego state has limited intelligence. One who is egoistic could be good at money making, could earn respect and credibility from the society because the mass were equally conditioned to be the same way. The egoist only sees material as the ultimate achievement and finds it hard to detach. The intelligence is still limited only to this extend.

What is higher than intelligence is wisdom, and wisdom starts happening when one starts to see the functioning of the ego state, that psychotic state, those chattering that creates anger and states of vengeance.

So, next time when anger happens, be aware and watchful of the anger. Yet do not subdue it, do not control it, do nothing about it BUT simply be watchful and give total awareness to the anger, and realize the stupidity happening.

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