Ajahn Keng- Transfer Merits Live Dhamma Talk


Today is the last day of Hungry Ghost Festival. In this video, Ajahn Keng shared true cases of transfer of merits. 

Ajahn Keng was a pig butcher. At his father later stage of life, he screamed and crawled like a pig at the ICU. Ajahn Keng made a vow in front of the Buddha statue that with his merit as a monk to pay back his father’s karma debts. Ajahn Keng also transferred merit through meditation by walking and sitting. 

During meditation, Ajahn Keng saw a human body with a pig head holding a gigantic sword behind him. The pig was furious with tears flowing from his red eyes. Ajahn Keng reminded the pig that he is a monk. In the end, the pig threw away his sword. Sometimes Ajahn Keng saw angry pigs rushing towards him but when he transferred merit to them, they disappeared.

Ajahn Keng also saw a woman with two young children hanging on both her legs. He knew that the woman who experienced pain on both her legs went for two abortions previously instead of one abortion as claimed by her. He taught her to transfer merit to her aborted children. 

His stories remind us of Right Livelihood and Right Action. Thank you for the Dharma talk Ajahn Keng.


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