A quote by Gautama Buddha

I. Suffering does exist.II.

Suffering emerges from “attachment” to desires.III.

Suffering ceases when “attachment” to desire ceases.IV.

Flexibility from suffering is possible by practicing the eightfold path:1. Right understanding (view).2.
Right intent (thought).3.
Right speach.4.
Right action.5.
Right income.6.
Right effort.7.
Right mindfulness.8.
Rght meditation (concentration).

Buddha’s fourfold consolation:

With a mind free from greed and unfriendliness, incorruptible, and purified, the worthy disciple is currently during this lifetime ensure of a fourfold alleviation:

“If there is another world (paradise), and a domino effect (Karma) of excellent and bad actions, then it may be that, at the dissolution of the body, after death, I shall be born-again in a pleased realm, a divine world.” Of this very first alleviation (s)he is assured.

“And if there is no other world, no reward and no punishment of great and bad actions, then I live at least here, in this world, an untroubled and pleased life, free from hate and unfriendliness.” Of this second consolation (s)he is assured.

“And if bad things occur to bad people, however I do refrain from doing anything bad (or have unfriendliness versus anybody), how can I, who am doing no bad things, meet with bad things?” Of this third alleviation (s)he is assured.

“And if no bad things take place to bad people, then I understand myself in both ways pure.” Of this 4th consolation (s)he is assured.”
— Gautama Buddha


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