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A Greater Awareness towards A Happier Birthday.

 A follower asked: “Is birth chart accurate in reading one’s life destiny?”

Master answered as follow:

Yes, almost 70% of the time it can be quite accurate for only an adept astrologer. 

Everyone is unique in this world, and the birth chart of each and every person in the world is unique too. It seems to be a phenomenon that you cannot find 2 identical people in this world. Even identical twins have differences. The birth chart and stars formation at the exact time and day of your birth is able to determine the destiny of your life. The position of the stars and energies of the stars change every millisecond or even nanosecond (1/1000,000,000 of a second) Even a tiny shift of the stars is creating unique energy, it is not going to be the same a nanosecond ago. Every new life chose a very specific time and day for the birth – It means, your consciousness before your birth chose a very specific constellation, said master. 

The millions of stars’ positions and from different distances give unique energy to our life. If an astrologer is specific and detailed to the nanosecond of the movement of the stars, he will be able to have a 100% accuracy in reading one’s past life and current life’s destiny. The ancient book of astrology that is passed down till today are only specific to the minute. Thus, the accuracy is approximately 70% for the really adept and genuine astrologers. However, master said that 99% of the astrologers today merely scratch the surface of the real astrology. Most of them do not have an in-depth understanding at all. For a 100% accuracy, it will only be possible by enlightened masters who can access the akashic records via deep meditation. 

Akashic refers to the space whereby all consciousness of all living beings and animals creates an imprint of thoughts and actions. All our thoughts and actions create an imprint in the akashic (the space) and it is transparent when a master is able to access the higher dimension. This space, the Akashic, the universe is connected to us all the time, it is absolutely without isolation. 

Master once explained that the Akashic is similar to how a computer harddisk would record every action of the user, and nothing ever gets deleted from this space. Master also explained that all technologies that people are inventing today are also merely an extension of what is already existing in nature.  Eg. The car is an extension of how we travel, the aeroplanes are like the birds. The light bulbs that we have are solar. And computers, the cloud storages, and the internet seem to be mimicking the data functions of the Akashic – the recording function of our past actions and thoughts. 

Your Birthday, It is also the beginning of your death. It is a celebration. There’s nothing unlucky about it.

Master said that the constellation on your next birthday is not the same as the one during your birth. Not anymore. It was already the past, it was gone, it has never been the same a few seconds ago since your birth. When a new life is to be celebrated, death has also to be equally celebrated. That is why we celebrate both the birth and death of Buddha and any other saints who ever lived and died.

Be all conscious and aware that whenever there is a new birth, it is also the beginning of death. Being alive and dying is happening simultaneously.  It is the nature of the physical state, fear not and avoid not said master. Because no one actually truly dies or truly born. The real birth is when one starts becoming aware of their spiritual state, the true consciousness that is never dying. That will be a true celebration when one became all aware that the body and mind are just an accumulation of conditioning of the external illusive world. Don’t escape from the truth of death or you will become more fearful deep within, recognize the truth and joy within will truly starts happening. The real joy will happen because the fear is no longer an unconscious state that functions deep within you.

Always remember that every day is your birthday and your deathday, both are to be celebrated. When you become all aware of it, you will start realizing your true self, that inner god light that is within you, which is the real you. The love within you will transform to become compassion, the judgemental mind may simply retire itself and you become a progressing spiritual being, a true being. 

From now on, remember these words because by recognizing these, it brings upon the true joy in life. You no longer escape from something (idea of death) which haunts your everyday life which hinders your spiritual progress. Do not avoid the truth of death, be aware and conscious – It is also a celebration.

On our birthday, it is also a reminder that we are nearing the final death day – Time is passing by each second.  Should we all consider to do something more significant to help raise the consciousness of the people in this world? Or should we still continue on a selfish route towards the end? Can we give more of the love and comfort to one another, so that everyone could also start sharing their joy of the love they have received with others as well? Share the joy and the joy can be shared with others OR share the anger and resentment and it would be infectious too. It is a conscious choice.

The significance of merits on your birthday.

The day of our birth is a day we exchange the joy with others – It should be a reminder to ourselves when we look at our body, it was the deaths of many others which has created us. Only through this body, as a human, we are given the chance to raise our consciousness and eventually see the light of God within ourselves. This body of ours was the accumulation of the births and deaths of many others. The food that we ate, the vegetables and animals that we ate. Our ancestors, our mother who gave us the life, hence the chance is given again to become human.  The compassion of merits on this day becomes significant, it brings our thoughts back to the life-giving roots which have created this chance of becoming a human again. When we compassionately give or make merits, the thoughts of compassion on our birthday becomes a joy and life-giving and raises our consciousness and keep us in sync with the bigger existence of the universe in which we are part of. 

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