15 Quotes from the “Heart of a Buddha”


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The following is a list of 15 quotes by the Buddha for your motivation:

Price quote # 1:

Peace is not the lack of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for love, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Quote # 2:

Rely on the instructor’s message, not the character. Rely on the significance, not just the words. Rely on the real significance, not the provisionary one. Depend on your wisdom mind, not your regular, judgmental mind.

Price quote # 3:

Calmness, respect, simplicity, self-control, pureness of thought are virtues of the mind. Kindness, stillness, appreciation, happiness, pureness of sensation are virtues of the heart.

Estimate # 4:

He who experiences the unity of life sees himself in all beings, and all beings in himself. He searches whatever with an objective eye.

Estimate # 5:

Loving-kindness can never ever exist unless it streams from the mind and heart, from understanding and love.

Estimate # 6:

Tranquility and generosity are qualities of the heart. Insight and concentration are qualities of the mind. Compassion and wisdom are qualities of the real nature.

Estimate # 7:

To be honourable in ideas, genuine in words, great in deeds, is to have the heart of a Buddha.

Estimate # 8:

Loving-kindness as thought is tranquillity. Loving-kindness as speech is softness. Loving-kindness as an activity is altruism. Loving-kindness as practice is peace.

Estimate # 9:

Ignorance leads to ego, ego to selfishness, selfishness to resentment, resentment to anger, anger to hatred, hatred to annihilation.

Price estimate # 10:

Do not end up being attached to the important things you like, do not cherish aversion to the important things you do not like. Sadness, fear, and chains come from one’s likes and dislikes.

Quote # 11:

Constantly be mindful of the compassion and not the faults of others.

Quote # 12:

Cultivate peace initially in the garden of your heart by eliminating the weeds of selfishness and jealousy, greed and anger, pride and ego. Then all will take advantage of your peace and consistency.

Estimate # 13:

Forgive and be totally free. Forget that you have actually forgiven and be freer.

Price quote # 14:

Keep a state of balance between physical acts and inner calmness, like a lute whose strings are finely tuned.

Price estimate # 15:

Those who are truly sensible will stay unmoved by feelings of happiness and suffering, popularity and disgrace, praise and blame, gain and loss.


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